All in a day's work

It's been a long while since I posted but i thought I should pen this down…

So one day last week, we were notified that a team member had found a suicide note scribbled on one of the memo pad in store.

A chilling note that said that she would be "commiting suicide today, goodnight world", signed off with a name and a school name.

This note was discovered just about 530pm.

We panicked and quickly called SOS, whom very disappointingly told us that we would need to call the police instead

(Sorry, but am I the only one who is mistaken about the SOS hotline?)

So we quickly called the police who said that they will send someone down to the site.

We panicked somemore and started hunting down the school's number and was thrilled when we managed to find a contact number!

Rang them, managed to speak to someone and was momentarily relieved.

The lady who picked up the call texted me moments later to tell me that there was no such student with this name in the school.

I panicked for a bit more and threw all sorts of questions:
Are you sure?
Maybe this person goes by the Chinese name?
Can you check again?
How about the primary / secondary school?

Then she revealed that there was no affiliation between the primary and secondary school and she did not have the other school contact details!

Like thanks!

We (Ok, maybe me) panicked somemore and tried ringing MOE.

I was so worried that we might be a step too late in preventing a tragedy from happening.

But got redirected to the answering machine cos I was minutes too late!

Thankfully I managed to hunt down the alumni contact details and got someone! And also decided to spam my relatives who worked in MOE.

Within minutes, the messaged was passed on and the principal got news of this. And within an hour, they managed to track the girl down!

And she was safe and sound!

At home with her mum!

The principal had given me a call to inform me of the news and to thank me for alerting the school.

This news brought instant relief as I was so so worried that we might be too late. And it didn't help that PSLE results were also due to be released that week!

Coincidentally or not, the girl was a P6 student as well. But the message was apparently a prank (maybe by a friend, but the school will investigate)

There was just so much emotions in that short 2 hour span! Of panic, anxiety, stress and of course relief at the end of it all!

Definitely a memorable experience, but once is enough.

I have never felt pride and joy as much as I did over the weekend.. and now I know why I will be a bucket of tears when my girls graduate!

So, it was graduation concert time for the girls and I was quite excited cos lilJ has been talking about her secret agent performance for so long and I was also very keen to see MiniJ's first ever concert!

This is jie jie's 4th concert so this girl was so chilled that when she saw us waving crazily on stage, she was like "seriously mum?" 😂

Needless to say, she aced her moves and was very impressive.

Mei mei on the other hand got me a little worried…

I wasn't really interested on whether she knew her steps but I was worried that she would get stage fright.

Though she's not the youngest in class but she's the smallest in size and her teachers gave us the feedback that during the rehearsal, she just turned around to look at the (backdrop) screen!

It's always the first time that gets us nervous!

So it was show time for her and she did us so proud! She was curious at the hundreds (maybe) of eyes staring at her but she was brave and didn't even cry!

And when she did her moves – my heart just melted into a puddle.

Her tiny arms rolling to the sound of the music and her attempts to jump were just too adorable.

Yes, I'm bias I know but it's just the sweetest thing ever! I couldn't help but tear that she's growing up!

It's just very odd but this immense sense of pride is nothing that I've really felt before (maybe 2 kids now so double the impact)!

But I'm just so so proud of them.

My secret agent and the little doll! (With too much blusher!)

And don't tell anyone but I even cried at the K2 graduation ceremony!

And my girl is not even in that year! 😂

Today I am grateful

Birthdays used to be a big thing for me; where it's my special day and there should be some sort of a fanfare.

But now as a mother, I no longer yearn for that kind of attention and I no longer make frivolous wishes.

I am very blessed to have friends who drop me messages and even celebrating it with me, but I have learn that the best kind of celebration is spent with your loved ones.

I only have one wish this year, and that is for all to be well.

Every night, I return to bed to find the 2 kiddos sprawled across it.. and I have to try to make some space for myself..

But no matter how uncomfortable that space is; I'm happy to see them sleeping so soundly.. 😍

Or maybe I'm just afraid of waking them up and then I won't get to sleep ! Wahaha!!

Work never really ends when you are a mum…

Came home from lunch and started the laundry.
Unpacked the groceries
Played with the kids
Hung the laundry
Washed the kids up
Prepped them for nap
Fell asleep for 15 mins before jolting awake remembering that I better prep dinner now..
Decided to stop for a bit and check Dayre (and rant)..
There's still the dry laundry to fold
School bags to pack and house to tidy…

But at the end of the (tiring day).. I'm just glad to be with them.

It has been yet another busy few weeks at work and home but the biggest milestone would be the little one starting preschool.

It's been only a week so far and she's been adapting really well, except the morning drop off cries and occasional bouts of emo-ness when she realises that "oh crap, where am I??"

It does help that jie jie is there to be comfort her in the morning and will take any opportunity to peep into her class and give that reassuring hug..

But I guess mummy here still needs a bit of time to get used to this separation anxiety.

I honestly thought I did quite well on day 1 and 2 (where I cleverly slotted in errands in between) and popped in and out of school.

But on day 3, I happened to peer in just when she was having her milk and that's when I broke down..

My poor baby was sitting all alone at the table drinking her milk and looking so alone / lost that I felt so sorry for putting her through this.

Crazy emo I know…

MiniJ was never taught to drink formula milk from the bottle and since she's the only one drinking from the cup, all her friends were snuggling nice and cosy on their cot beds with the bottles and my poor baby was left "outcasted" by herself.

Of course this is the emo mummy speaking right now cos I know I should be sensible to know that it's better to drink from the cup.

It didn't help that she was also peering at the door and caught my eye.

But bless her, she didn't cry when she saw me, but just stretched her arms out for me to carry and that's when I lost it.

The teachers must be thinking that they got a nutcase mother in their class 😂

Oh well.. it got better on the next 2 days where I got back and buried at work but the mummy's guilt will always plague me.

Just need to keep reminding myself that school is for the better and she's actually loving it! So much so that she doesn't want to leave at dismissal time!

And on a separate note, now that both kids are in school, can I just say that there is just a lot of laundry to do!!

I'm hoping that my washing machine can withstand the daily runs!

Oops.. it's been a long while since the last post!

So much has happened in the past month and a half that I don't really know where to start documenting things.. 😅

Guess the most exciting part was heading to Hong Kong for our family vacation!

Very happy that we managed to travel with the family of lil J's best friend! The girls have been good friends since they turned 2 and even though we had changed so many schools, we still make it a point to keep in touch.

It was a great trip and thankfully we had similar likes for this trip, so travelling was a breeze.

The main agenda of this holiday was Disneyland! It's our second trip back and this time, we stayed at the Dislandland hotel! Our HK trip was a 5D4N trip but we spent 3d2n at Disney itself!

Haha, I bet we were the only crazy ones who planned a holiday around Disneyland 😂

Very lucky to have spotted Elsa 's photo location after a heavy rain and there was no queue!!

The girls had the attention of the Princess for almost a good 5 minutes and were so mesmerised by her.

Sad to say that we only caught 2 characters during the park visit but thankfully the character breakfast made up for it!

This was the other highlight, being dressed up to look like a princess! It's so gimmicky but parents with girls are sure to fall for it!

Princess gown, Crown and make up, nail polished and glitter tattoos! Just take our money!!

And did I mention that it comes with a photo shoot? 😁

Just very happy that the girls throughly enjoyed themselves and is still talking about it now.

Too bad mini J is too small but the daddy has already promised to bring them back in the next few years!

Both kids also had the chance to attend a wedding this week and Lil J was a flower girl for the wedding couple. It's her second time being a flower girl but first time throwing flower petals. So it was quite hilarious to see her and the page boy arguing halfway down the walk way on "want to throw now? / you don't take so much!"

Don't know why but I got all emotional again… that my girl is growing up!! (I need to snap out of it! Not as if she's getting married 😁)

Though I'm quite sure when the day comes, I'll will be an emotional wreck!

The last eventful thing was bringing the girls to Kidzania! Very thankful to get soft launch passes before the actual opening and could bring both the girls in.

It's honestly catered for older kids (ideally above 6) as there are quite a number of jobs that she was not able to do. But it was nonetheless a good "amusement centre" for the kids and we spent easily 3/4 day there!

Not surprising that this is one of her favourite stations! Making ice cream!!

Mei mei on the other hand had a good time in the ball pits! (While waiting a horrendous hour for jie jie to queue and be done with the pilot job).

Just one tip is that the kids should visit this place as a pair. Cos some of the jobs are hot favourite and would require the kids to queue. Parents cannot queue for them / with them. So she was quite poor thing to be alone for that 30 mins (while waiting for the job to start)

The next few months are going to be boring as we count down to mei mei starting school, but I am looking forward to get birthday celebration!

Just got to think of a theme to kick start the planning process! 💪💪

Hmm.. started this post lamenting about work (again) and decided to rewrite it.. That's not how I should read back in future and see how pathetically screwed up my lie is right now…

So I shall try to focus on more exciting things like how my miniJ is starting to babble much more words! I'm so impressed that at her age, she can count one, two and three!

She been calling herself mei mei as well which is just so cute!

I guess this is the stage where I really enjoyed them growing up!

The little one can understand so much now and can play / laugh along to what's going on; and the bigger one is getting more sensible (I hope).

But it's also the stage where the baby sitters cannot seem to keep up with her growth and have been hinting to send her to preschool. ..

I really wish that I could take time off to be her main caretaker at home, but the fact of the matter is that we need the money.

Ok, we are not that hard up, but there are still bills and loans to be paid and relying on one income just don't make sense…

So I'm trying to convince myself that there are more pros to sending her to school (soon) and after all, jie jie look entered school at 21 months and look how fast she has grown!

We've still got a few months more, so let's just see how it pans out…

On a happier note… guess who got suckered into spoiling the Princesses again!

Ok.. shall not make it sound so bad.. cos we were willing parties…

We brought the girls to watch Disney on Ice!

I'm so glad that miniJ is still younger than 2 and hence do not require ticket! Or we will be so broke to go as a family of 4!

So story goes that we didn't tell jie jie that we were going to bring her to the show.. so we got her to nap and laid out a surprise for her..

Got her a princess, tiara and pretty shoes and laid it out for her and waited for her to wake up from her nap…

But suay suay that day she was cranky.. didn't wake up as per her usual nap duration… so when she woke up, she was crying and wasn't excited about it.. sian…

But thankfully all was better after putting on the costume 😊

And as if getting butchered once (for the tickets) was not good enough.. someone got conned to buy 2 torches! One for each of the girls..

Obviously one kid was not impressed with the torch and her tiara… 😅

But what really made her day… was to be able to take photos with the cast!

This was the most money sucker part as I thought that we would get to interact with the cast, but it ended up as a photo opportunity!

I'm just glad that it was her (current) favourite princess that came out… can't imagine her face if Rapunzel came out instead (no offence to Rapunzel! )

It was a great performance and definitely more exciting that the Theatre performances at MBS! But what I'm also happy about is that mei mei also enjoyed the show was has happily pointing out characters / bobbing along to the music!